Modelo de talla grande busca boicotear el Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

La modelo asutraliana de talla grande Robyn Lawley invitó a sus seguidores de Instagram a boicotear el Victoria's Secret Fashion Show por no incluir a mujeres de otras tallas en su pasarela de lencería. 

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Pasarela de lencería de la marca Victoria's Secret. Foto: Ap

Pasarela de lencería de la marca Victoria's Secret. Foto: Ap

El Victoria's Secret Fashion Show es un evento de realce mundial y alrededor de él se generan muchas controversias, entre estas, el llamado que la modelo australiana de talla grande Robyn Lawley hizo a sus seguidores a través de Instagram para boicotear la pasarela de lencería más esperada del año.

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La invitación de la modelo “plus size” consiste en no sintonizar ni asistir al show de Victoria's Secret porque la marca no incluye a mujeres de otras tallas en su pasarela. En su publiacion en Instagram se puede leer: “Hasta que Victoria's Secret se comprometa a representar a TODAS las mujeres en el escenario, estoy llamando a un boicot completo de la edición de moda de Victoria's Secret. Es hora de que Victoria's Secret reconozca el poder de compra y la influencia de las mujeres de TODAS las edades, formas, tamaños y etnias”.


I have started an online petition -link in bio �� JOIN ME and lets help change the minds of Victoria’s Secret to be more diverse and inclusive of body shapes and sizes on their runways! Victoria Secret have dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body beautiful. - you can read more in the link of my bio why it’s so important to encourage diversity for our future daughters sake. Until Victoria’s Secret commits to representing ALL women on stage, I am calling for a complete boycott of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s time Victoria’s Secret recognized the buying power and influence of women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. The female gaze is powerful, and together, we can celebrate the beauty of our diversity. It’s about time Victoria’s Secret celebrated the customers that fuel its bottom line. Will you join me? 1 Sign the petition! 2 Encourage your friends not to tune in or attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show share a photo of yourself on Instagram, as you are (not airbrushed and beautiful), use the hashtag #weareallangels to share what makes you uniquely beautiful, please tag me so I can see (@robynlawley) and @ThirdLove For every person who shares a post with #weareallangels hashtag, ThirdLove will donate one bra to @isupportthegirls (a national non-profit that collects and distributes bras to homeless women and girls around the country !!!)

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Para lograr su cometido, la modelo explica los pasos a seguir: firmar la petición, animar a los amigos a no sintonizar ni asistir a la pasarela de marca de lencería y a compartir una fotografía sin filtro usando el hashtag #WeAreAllAngel.  Además, por cada persona que comparta su fotografía con ese hashtag la marca Third Love donará un sujetador a la organización Support The Girls, que se dedica a recolectar y distribuir sostenes a mujeres y niñas sin hogar en Australia.

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Y el llamado de la modelo ha hecho eco, pues en la red social ya circulan varias fotografías con este hashtag. 


�� @ipportraits - @missintercontinentalaustralia @missglobalaustralia (swipe right for image 2) Swimwear- I hold this story very close to my heart because it’s made me the woman I am today- if you asked me 6 months ago to wear a two piece in public I would have made an excuse not to go. I am a celiac disease sufferer and my body fluctuates weekly in weight which makes my self confidence go up and down all the time. I have been working every day little by little on my body confidence and that started with when I arrived at the pageant. I originally had a one piece for this day but I realised if I was to wear it I would be back to my old ways so I bought this two piece in Surfers and strutted my stuff and even on finale night on stage- Backstage i was very close to going back up to my room to wear my one piece but I kept strong because I wanted to do this for myself and for all the beautiful curvy women all around the world who struggle with the same insecurities. It was a risk I was willing to take because I strongly believe in body diversity and I want everyone to know that curves and rolls are perfectly okay, I have them and it’s just life. Anyways on the day of these images I was more confident without the red sarong on, it goes to show that curvy women can do this if they work on their confidence and that we are even more beautiful when we can find that strength to do this in public. #model #human #bodylove #bodypositive #celiacdisease #curvemodel #weareallbeautiful #strong #determination #staystrong #youcandothis #yougotthis #storyteller #womenempowerment #nitajjaneofficial #myangelwings #weareallangels #diversity #bodydiversity #allsizesmatter #lovetheskinyourein #flaws #naturallight

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